WordPress plugins – Supercharge your admin area

Written by Jack on August 11, 2011

Anyone who has ever built WordPress sites will know that modifying the admin area can become rather repetitious and time consuming. There are however, a number of fantastic plugins that can supercharge your admin area, here’s a few of our favourites.

Advanced custom fields

This is one of the most useful and easy to use plugins out there. I could easily write a whole post on this one. Simply put this allows you to create custom fields such as text areas, images, uploads and much more. ACF has a beautiful interface to boot plus a simple to use API. Definitely a must have.

Fluency admin

Customising the look of your WordPress admin area is a snap with this plugin. Navigating becomes quicker with hover menus and short keys while adding a custom logo and setting a background menu colour is quick and simple.

Admin menu editor

A great plugin for editing the menu in the admin area. Often non tech-savvy clients are a bit bewildered by the many options presented in the default menu. This plugin allows you to switch off those unused items and presented a more refined backend, customized for the clients’ needs. They’ll love you for it!

Option Tree

This plugin is perfect at adding options for those odd tid-bits that just don’t seem to need their own page, post or custom field. It easily enables options for text inputs, check boxes, uploads and more.

Google Analyticator

You can probably guess what this one does; yes it’s a plugin for Google Analytics! Incredibly simple but does a great job of displaying your visits over the past 30 days, top visited pages, top referring sites and top search terms. All conveniently located in the dashboard.