Being everything to everyone just isn’t realistic.

Spreading your business’ online niche too thin is a great way to waste time, energy, resources and money.

There’s never been as many options for businesses to expand and diversify online as there has now. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should though, right? When you are designing or updating your website, constantly ask yourself “what is our purpose for existing?” – no page on your site should distract from this core purpose.

Trying to be a “jack of all trades” in the online world rarely garners successful results.

With one service, you’ve got a set of competitors that you can identify and develop strategies to beat them. As soon as you start moving into other, unrelated areas, you are adding whole new sets of online competitors.

Sometimes this expansion is logical and profitable.

However, if there’s no clear connection between your website’s services or products you’ll start to experience real struggles keeping everything visible on Google. It’s hard to watch businesses undergoing identity crises online.

Know what you are, and know what you’re not.

Imagine your website is based on your dog grooming and care advice business. You can become the online authority in your region about this topic with quality advice content, an easy booking system and providing an excellent user experience.

If you then decide to add selling cat toys and accessories as a section of your site, you set yourself up for the big SEO challenge of trying to top Google ranks for both areas simultaneously. Sure, these two themes are loosely related (pets), but the purposes are so far apart your online search engine potency is going to be reduced.

Think about it: the dog grooming & care service is based on information, trust, and booking functionality. Cat toys & accessories is an e-commerce model that relies on a smooth, clean online shopping experience. You’re now competing with two different sets of competitors. Not only that, but you’re vying for two separate groups of searchers. There’s likely very little overlap with searchers looking for dog grooming and cat toys at the same time.
Dog Cat blog - Plain

Be the best dog grooming online business you can be. Create a new online presence and be the best cat toy e-commerce site you can be. A website, without a clear purpose to the user, won’t be clear to Google. If you’re not clear about who you are with Google, don’t be surprised when you don’t crack the first page of search results.

I’m up against online heavyweights, how is anyone going to see my site?

Our clients’ competition often includes Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay, Government sites, .Org sites and other domains that have been around a long time – sometimes 1-2 decades. This makes establishing what your specific market is (and what sets you apart) vitally important.

While you might have a huge challenge in beating Amazon out for the search ‘Computer Speakers’, you certainly can compete with (and beat) the big guys in Google for more specific terms like ‘Wellington Computer Speakers” where you’ve got the opportunity to SEO your site for local searcher traffic.

Or maybe you specialise in premium speaker products so can defeat Goliath by optimising your site for “Luxury Bluetooth speakers” and other more specific product types. Be the authority on your niche, offering content beyond what bigger, broader sites have the time or knowledge to offer. This approach includes creating videos, tutorials, manuals, images, infographics, social engagement and many other elements to tell Google that your business knows what’s up.

Attempting to be everything to everyone rarely works. Know who you are online, Google will like you much more!