Social Media has become a daily staple in our diet, as common as the cup of coffee, the morning paper or even our ever favoured sit on the throne. We’ve either grown to love it or hate it, but one thing we can’t deny, is that the ole social media doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon.

As a result of the ever-present whirlwind that hits us smack bang in the middle of our computer screens, tablet or smartphone, I thought about the pros and cons of social media:

The Pros

Friends & Family – Staying in touch with loved ones both near & far has become more regular than ever and very cost effective… i.e free. I recently experienced my parents moving back to Scotland (12,000 miles away from where I reside) and I can happily say Skype & Facebook have both been getting a fair thrashing.

Fundraising – Whether it’s via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram there’s been a huge spike in the number of charities fundraising via social media networks. I really appreciate that I can stay up to date with my social conscience & give back to the world in a seamless manner. Social Media’s global reach in times of crises benefits users worldwide.


The World Around You – Being presented with another member of the family, finding out that your best friend just got engaged or realizing you just got dumped are all common place on social media networks. Be there or miss out on that important reminder it’s your Mum’s birthday today. Social Media keeps us in touch with what’s going on around the world, if we don’t pick up on something in the news, chances are, one of our friends has.

The Cons

Everybody has an Opinion – on Everything – Something I’ve become quite conscience of recently is getting everyone’s opinion on everything. Whilst this is great for what TV to buy next, or a gig review before you buy tickets, seeing 10 minute updates of the traffic jam you’re stuck in is of no interest to me. Stop it. Thank you.


Blurred lines of Reality – Did you wake up to another tweet, Facebook post or Instagram pic of Jeff Goldblum dead? Yes that’s right social media has now enabled us to spread gossip & b.s faster than ever before. Just use common sense and stay away from getting trolled.

Keyboard Warriors – If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it through social media. Every time you fill out online profiles, Google kindly indexes them. Be aware that the cheeky comment you made to Mark Hunt might just land you in hot water, or even better, with the UFC heavyweight on your doorstep.