In the world of search marketing, many NZ businesses are poised perfectly to generate big results by simply tapping into what their area of expertise is, and translating this online effectively for users.
Uprise do this for our clients every day.

We gain understanding of our clients’ offering. We get to know the people inside the business that bring expertise and knowledge to their customers. We translate this into content and experiences that help clients smash their business goals.

Give and you shall receive

We need to understand that in 2018, information does equal money online more so than ever before. Being helpful actually pays off!

Let’s use the example of Organic Search, specifically the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Putting it lightly, SEO used to be a ‘bit wild’. That acronym is still shaking off the old school stigma of dodgy workarounds, link farming and keyword stuffing. Thankfully, search engine algorithms of 2018 have matured to the point where being sneaky will hurt, not help you.

Google and other search engines strive to rank those sites that best help the searcher the most. Over time, a website that is frequently visited from search results, stayed on, interacted with and recommended by other sites (backlinks) is going to perform, and solidify itself as a trusted site to rank long-term.

Keep the conversation going online

What does a good, trusted site look like then?

If you wanted to learn how to hit a golf ball, what site is going to be more popular?

  • Site A) 1 page 100 words about keeping your shoulders square and a few pictures of old mate teeing off?
  • Site B) Introductory text, sections on Driving, Putting, Foot Position, Stretches, Appropriate Clothing. Youtube videos showing each type of golf swing in different situations. Links out to other ‘golfing for beginner’ topics.

Obviously Site B is going to contain more information for the aspiring Tiger Woods than some lazy bullshit that you’d glean from watching the sports news.


Man Golfing


Well, Google knows this is the case. Even before user behaviour history has built up, you’re going to appeal to search engines with a layout that represents a helpful experience.

What’s even more important to understand here is Site B could be a site whose main purpose is to sell affordable golf club sets. By taking the time and effort to create useful information to this golf-interested traffic, the website is in a much stronger position to gain new customers. 

This business selling golf sets probably has had some of these discussions with their audience in the past:

  • What age can you start golfing?
  • Which golf clubs are good for beginners?
  • Is mini putt good practice for normal putting?
  • How much do I need to spend on golf clubs?
  • What footwear is good for the course?
  • What’s the weather like this weekend for golf?

These casual discussions you’re having with your audience in person, phone, email…capture that on your site! You are the expert, why not bleat about it to attract more people?

Outdoor gear & clothing website have an entire section of their website dedicated to providing great answers to the questions their audience have. They have won awards for the strength of their website and enjoy huge amounts of traffic from this kind of approach.

What about you, sexy NZ Brand? (doubters: we will find the sexiness)

So, think about your brand. What sort of conversations are being had between you and your audience? What are the problems your customers have? What other brands do your customers likely interact with? What does your business know that others don’t?

There’s no reason not to do this – if traffic, visibility, engagement…money – are important to your business.

I want to talk to you about making your brand more useful to people.

I’d love for you to get in touch with me and talk about how we might leverage your knowledge into some business impact online. No industry is too dull, no topic too technical for there to not be an angle where your site can become really helpful for someone important to you.

We’re in a unique position right now New Zealand. There are many verticals in which the #1 position in search is there for the taking with a robust strategy. Get in before it gets much, much harder.

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Tom Pitchforth 

Thursday, 11 January 2018