Instead of spending hours writing a job advertisement full of carefully crafted language, sales pitches, and grand statements, we have tried to second-guess things by answering your questions up front – below the key questions about the job!


Why Uprise?

We think the advertising industry is a little bit fu*ked. Clients are having the wool pulled over their eyes and rarely being shown which elements of their strategy are actually performing and which are not. We’ve built a business model that gets remunerated on how well we perform, not how much we are spending for our clients – our only motivation is to drive business impact. If we do this well, our clients win and so do we!

This means we are 100% channel agnostic. We don’t care what media, how much viewability or frequency, we only care about what truly works!


Why are we looking?

We’re growing fast and growing fast creates lots of exciting challenges. One of the most critical when scaling quickly is to ensure our internal processes and frameworks support consistent delivery to the goals of our clients now and into the future. This is where you come in!

We have some of the most talented, smart marketers in New Zealand with a passion to deliver the best possible performance, and we need an inspirational leader who can not only QA all of our client delivery work, but provide our people with the space and freedom to innovate and find new opportunities to deliver value to clients. In doing so, you’ll ensure all of our work meets with one of our values  “#obsessedwithquality”!


What will the role be accountable for?

  • Service innovation and design – ensuring that what we are delivering is at the forefront of the market, supporting the ability to generate the best possible results for our clients.
  • Quality – making sure all of our work is the best it can possibly be and is delivered as efficiently as possible!
  • Growing our footprint across clients – by embedding an approach which constantly challenges performance by testing for new insights.
  • Team Leadership – supporting, coaching and mentoring our amazing team of performance marketers.


What will make you a fit?

  • You will be immediately credible with our team and our clients due to your knowledge and passion for digital today and where it’s heading.
  • You get us, you’re driven by the same stuff we are! You want to see change in the industry and are motivated to be part of making that happen.
  • You are like us. We are humble, down to earth, friendly people, who work and play hard together. We challenge each other directly, not because it gives us a kick but because it helps us get to the best results. Ego does not live at Uprise.


So What next?

Give us a call or drop us a line to have an initial conversation. Reach out to our General Manager, Peter de Boer at or on 021 432022


We would love to connect and find out some more about you. Pop us your details and include a CV if you have one ready. We'll be back in touch shortly.