Performance Media (Display, Social, YouTube Advertising)


When it comes down to it, the right ad in front of the wrong eyes is not a good use of anybody’s time. At Uprise, we work with a range of display targeting methods to make sure your banners are being seen and clicked on by the consumers you’re after. Utilising precise audience research and beautiful design, we create campaigns that are fine-tuned to produce the best conversion rate for the lowest possible cost.

We also know that continually optimising your campaign can be the difference between a positive return and a loss. To keep you up to speed with what needs tuning, we offer monthly reports that present all the relevant information in terms you can understand, while clearly illustrating the results of our work in the process.


It goes without saying that the reach of a channel like Facebook is enormous. Obviously, this makes it a hugely effective advertising medium; its demographic targeting abilities alone are helping businesses lock into their desired consumer base like never before. But like working with any great tool, we like to make sure it’s being used in the best way for the job.

Uprise always opts to analyse the effectiveness of the different advertising formats available to you, so we can find the right fit for your business. Before diving into Facebook advertising, we usually conduct target market research to make sure our ads not only represent your brand, but genuinely make an impact with your audience.

From there, we work to get fluent with your voice, which ensures any interaction with the consumer will be seamlessly aligned with your brand. For us, it’s not just about firing out a witty post every second day. It’s about designing rich, consistent content that has been weighed up and considered as part of a wider strategy. This can be the difference between stock-standard feed-filler and a certified sensation.


With internet users more visually orientated than ever, creating and maintaining a video presence is almost essential in our current online world. Our expertise in this field means we can offer our clients full video content strategies, designed to create genuine buzz around your brand and stir some conversation.

We can also optimise all video content for targeted keywords, which boosts your video up the ranks of YouTube search results. This means when people view and share your YouTube content, Google then regards you as an authority on whatever topic your video is about. As YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine in the world, this type of content can then appear in the YouTube search results and/or on the homepage of a Google search.

The greater the exposure is, the stronger your voice will be.