• Life Insurance Case Study

    A complete digital approach to selling insurance online.

    Uprise manage the performance media for one of New Zealand’s largest Life Insurance providers. Uprise was tasked with the challenge of improving the performance of paid search media for key products in extremely competitive markets with typically high cost per clicks.

    Increase in click-through-rate Read more
  • HRV

    Breaking records month on month.

    HRV is New Zealand’s leading home ventilation company. Our challenge was to lift their website engagement, improve their return on investment in Google Adwords, and ultimately determine what shifts customers who have an untapped need into leads for the organisation.

    Our strategy involved restructuring the Adwords account to get rid of all wastage across each campaign. Using their analytics data, we applied our sophisticated optimisation techniques to constantly adjust budgets into the highest performing phrases, putting their spend into the places most likely to attract new customers and/or convert them.

    Increase in conversions year-on-year
  • Banking Case Study

    Creative optimisation in a competitive market.

    The market for personal loans is highly competitive, with some of the highest cost per clicks of any search market we optimise. One of the challenges with this particular example was applying ourselves to be more creative and efficient with a budget significantly lower than that of our competitors. Here’s how we did.

    From the data we examined, we noticed there were key points in the day that had higher conversions. We scaled the budget up at these times, and had display activity running four hours before this time, which runs at a lower cost.

    After taking over the digital performance account, we increased the number of average monthly personal loan applications received via Adwords by 75%. We also boosted click-through rates by 82%, after figuring out we’d have a higher percentage if we tweaked the Ad Copy to reflect market trends, rather than just personal loan rates. By using our unique method, we were able to decrease the cost per application by 28%.

    Decrease in cost per application