Uprise manage the performance media for one of New Zealand’s largest Life Insurance providers. The challenge they presented to us was to improve the performance of paid search media for some of their key products. Note: these were in extremely competitive markets with typically high cost per clicks. We were also tasked with generating organic traffic and improving the conversion rate of their website’s conversion funnels. In short, we had to maximise performance across all channels.


To boost the performance for all website traffic, we needed an omni-channel strategy. Using their website data and customer engagement information, we were able to gain a much tighter grasp on what keywords and channels were specifically driving new acquisition. With that, we also gained insight into which channels required further optimisation.


Paid media

Using these insights, we were able to determine two things: a) which Ad Copy was resonating best with the audience, and b) which parts of the website were being viewed the most. By restructuring the advertising copy around what worked, we were able to increase the click-through-rate by 181%. Due to the reward of having relevant ads, this went on to drive down the cost per conversion.

To get the best performance we could from Paid media traffic, we tinkered with the Paid campaigns to understand what phrases were the best for driving traffic, most importantly the kind that generated qualified leads and conversions.

We split-tested key Digital Advertising landing pages with different messaging and video content. From there, we were able to determine which page structure and content was speaking to customers the most. By doing this, we saw a dramatic increase of 14% for new customers signing up for life insurance.

Increase in click-through-rate
Increase in life insurance sign-ups

Organic Traffic

Visitor engagement is one of the most powerful signals to Google that your site should rank highly. By understanding their customers and delivering content they engage with we were able to break visitor and organic sign up records month on month.

Once we understood the customer, we were able to deliver content that they engaged with most. As a result, we went on to break visitor and organic sign-up records month on month, with a 52% increase in traffic from the previous year. The Life Insurance product page had a 42% organic traffic increase too, and we were also able to lift the ranks for highly competitive key phrases to 1st and 2nd place (from 4th and 7th respectively.)

Increase on traffic from previous year
Increase in product page traffic from previous year

Website Optimisation

To maximise the effectiveness of our strategies for generating new traffic, the structure of key pages needed to be optimised to engage the user better. To make sure any permanent changes we made would produce a positive impact, we used an A/B testing strategy to determine optimal page layout.

Our first A/B test had us weighing up the priority of various calls-to-action on the Life Insurance page. The results showed an increase in visitors clicking “Apply” by 35% for the treatment page. Obviously, this change had huge revenue implications for the client. A second test, which looked at the effectiveness of video on boosting conversion rates, showed that using video also increased conversions by 10.8%

Life insurance page showed an increase in conversion rate by
Use of video also increased conversions by